Songwriter Scott Wilcox


CranJam Performers for 2016

August 27th

12:00pm - Songwriter Scott Wilcox

Scott Wilcox is the founder and creator of CranJam Music Fest, and Americana Music in the Park. In 2011 Scott sang a his original song called "When You Know Better", LIVE on the Oprah Winfrey Lifeclass Show for over 45 million TV viewers. In 2016 Scott appeared in a Super Bowl 50 commercial called the "Super Bowl Babies Choir" for over 114 million TV viewers. Scott performs over 150 shows per year all over the Midwest has produced four albums and has been showcased in Nashville, Chicago and Minneapolis. 

1:00pm - Tommy Bentz Band

Tommy Bentz Band a tight power trio, with a distinct sound often referred to as "a blend of Allman Brothers, Van Morrison and Elvis Costello". A singer/songwriter lyrics with mature blues/rock edge and jam-band sensibilities. Tommy has toured Europe and made his mark all over the Midwest.  Tommy is particularly known for his blues slide guitar style and a tight technical blues sound. 

3:00pm - Julica Rose Kelly

Julica Rose Kelly, is nothing less than a crowd-pleasing phenomenon. She is a 24 year-old bundle of sheer talent--- a classy and soulful singer, songwriter, and guitarist. She sing and plays a mixture of about 1/4 originals and 3/4 covers by such artists as Tracy Chapman, Alanis Morissette, Etta James, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Alice in Chains. She plays rock, soul, and R&B; all with a funkadelic sensibility. Julica was a contestant on Season 8 of American Idol and has played at many other venues such as; The popcorn Tavern, October Fest, and In a previous band "Penny Sack" She opened for Fog Hat and Jimmy Van Zant. 

4:00pm - Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown frequently describes his sound as ‘a singer-songwriter who got himself a band’. His shows and music run the range from delicate indie-folk to more aggressive alt-rock with forays into jazz and chamber pop. Balancing a blossoming legal career with his musical pursuits, Brown released his long-overdue debut album Last Chance on CAUDog Records on July 2, 2012. An 11-track work engineered and produced by Ellis Clark, the album Last Chance is named via Brown’s assertion that “pretty much every one of [these] songs is a healthy mix of desperation and hope.”

5:00pm - Duncan Peterson

Duncan is a local favorite from Tomah, WI. Duncan's rootsy folk rock style is reminiscent of Dylan, Neil Young or a Jason Mraz style. His band, Chasing Duncan, a music duo from the area plays mostly covers with some original songs. 

6:00pm - This Could Be The Day

Already La Crosse-area garage band veterans at their formation in 2007, the members of This Could Be the Day have put out 3 self-produced albums (Defeatist, Broadcast Your Shame, and Refrigerator Art). They are currently well under way into recording their fourth album.TCBTD's sound is 80's pop turned into 90's grunge, which turned into the nameless genre of the early 2000's. 

8:00pm - Kittens?

Self proclaimed "America's sexist party band", Jerry Duginski's band Kittens? is a throwback of western rock with a funky "pop" sound. Members Jerry Duginski, Devil Rick, Jon Dawson and Jimmy Mijal play a mix of catchy, indie pop with a little country, metal and blues thrown in for fun. kittens? shows are fun, energetic and have attracted the sexiest audiences in America. 

10:00pm - Red Sky Warning

Red Sky Warning's music is comprised of many elements to deliver a raw sounding rock-n-rolla experience that has been captivating local and regional audiences for the past 4 years in the driftless region. Soulful lyrics, guitar driven hooks, intertwined with soaring melodies, and an unshakable rhythm section that will hit you like a freight train. 

August 28th

12:00pm - Songwriter Competition Preliminaries

First Event at noon on Sunday will include sign-ups of songwriters to the 2016 song contest. Songwriters will sign up for the contest and enter the name of their song for competition. Each Songwriter will play one song in front of three CranJam judges. Artists will be judged in the areas of songwriting ability, performance ability and for the finals and crowd reaction rated by decibel meter. Prizes will include 2 acoustic guitars, a 40" LCD TV, and a $300 Cash Prize. 1st place chooses first, second place second and so on.

1:00pm - Dead Sea Squirrels

Hailing from Madison, WI the Dead Sea Squirrels are a good mix of classic rock and originals comprised of Richard Kessler on guitar and vocals, Denny on lap steel, dobro and vocals, Emily on vocals, ukulele, scrapy/shaky and melodica. 

3:00pm - Remedy

Started when Aaron Scott, the lead singer, had some song ideas that he wanted to get out and record. Met up with his old drummer from his days with "Finding Fortress", Francisco Reyes, and they started jamming together. Soon they invited their old buddy and guitar genius, Matt Callaway to attend some jams with them. The three had a few jams and found they had a good chemistry. Aaron later met Mark (bass) at a Seventh Day Slumber event and was impressed by his bass playing (also plays in the band "Never Alone") and asked him to come to a jam. In Remedy you can hear some Staind mid-tempo styles along with heavy, simplistic yet satisfying riffs from bands like Red, Fuel, Chevelle, and Creed have developed Aaron Scott's ideas into his own style of songwriting.

5:00pm - Colin Marshall

Colin claims to be a river-rat from Wisconsin. He's been performing music since he was four, and I've been surrounded by it his whole life. He's played with some great bands, and currently plays with Scott Wilcox's band Scotty and the Treblemakers. Colin's musical influences are as diverse as the depth of his musical training.  His high tenor voice sings sweetly over his acoustic pop style.

6:00pm - Scotty and the Treblemakers

Scotty and the Treblemakers is the troublesome stepchild of Songwriter Scott Wilcox.  It's comprised of lead singer Scott Wilcox, bassist and vocalist Roger Jones, and newest Treblemaker Colin Marshall on harp guitar and vocals. The Treblemakers play a combination of 70's 80's and 90's rock and country with a plethora of originals by songwriter Scott Wilcox. 

7:00pm - Songwriter Contest Finals

CranJam's Songwriter Contest finals will take the top 10 songwriters from the preliminaries earlier in the day and they will perform their songs again for our evening crowd. Each Songwriter will play one song in front of three CranJam judges. Artists will be judged in the areas of songwriting ability, performance ability and for the finals and crowd reaction rated by decibel meter. Prizes will include 2 acoustic guitars, a 40" LCD TV, and a $300 Cash Prize. 1st place chooses first, second place second and so on. Prizes will be awarded immediately following the contest.

8:00pm - Cranjam Open Jam Session

The CranJam open Jam Session is new for the 2016 season.  Its something we've wanted to do for the last couple of years but never seemed to work it in.  Any musician that wants to join in on the session may do so as long as there is an open spot to do so. CranJam will provide at least 6 open spots with a mic and channel to plug in your instrument.  Please be courteous and give other artists a chance to join in the fun as well.  This could very possibly be an amazing impromptu free for all that you will need to see to believe.


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